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Jumboload™ Developer Program
make money

Sell your software on Jumboload

Distribute your Windows apps on Jumboload and reach millions of users around the world.

If you have software available for digital distribution, you can reach out to millions of potential customers by selling it on Jumboload.

Jumboload makes it easier than ever for users to discover, purchase and download your apps directly on their Windows computer. With Jumboload, you can showcase your apps to millions of users around the world.

Get started! Sign up now to create your vendor account, publish your apps and start making money today!

How it works?

Jumboload is the App Store where people can discover, purchase and download software and games for Windows.

Digital software sales surpassed physical sales for the first time in 2011. It’s time for digital delivery now!

With Jumboload you can publish your software apps by yourself: write detailed descriptions, upload screenshots,trial versions, full versions, serial numbers and decide the end user price.

How much does it cost you? Nothing! There are neither setup costs nor fixed costs, we will only share revenues when people buy your apps! If your apps are sold we share revenues, otherwise you will not have to pay a cent.

This is a win-win game! Thrugh your Control Panel, you can access realtime reports about views, downloads and sales,split by product, date and country. You have complete control on all your software apps:

You pick the price
You get 50% of sales revenue
Receive payment monthly
No charge for free apps
No credit card fees
No hosting fees
No marketing fees

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Join the Jumboload™ Developer Program to distribute your applications to Windows users around the world. Sign up now to create your vendor account, publish your apps and start making money today!

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  1. Terms and Conditions  (you get 50% of sales revenue)

    Jumboload Developer Program
    (Rev. 1.5.3)

    This is a legal agreement (“Agreement”) between you (“Developer”) and MAN S.r.l. (“Distributor”), relating to your submission of Software Applications to Jumboload for evaluation and possible electronic distribution. By clicking “Create new account” below, Developer confirms that has read and accepted the following terms and conditions and agrees to be bound by the terms of this Agreement and represents that Developer has the authority to accept this Agreement.


    Product: software applications that the Developer submits to Jumboload

    Territory: Internet

    Distribution right: non-exclusive

    Distributor Price: 50% discount

    Delivery: electronic delivery

    Terms: on consignment, with monthly sales report

    Payment: within thirty (30) days from the invoice of the monthly sales report

    Agreement Duration: this agreement will continue to apply until terminated by either Developer or Distributor giving thirty (30) days prior written notice to the counterpart

    NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual covenants herein contained, the parties hereby agree as follow:


    1.1 The Developer (licensor): is you

    1.2 The Distributor (licensee): MAN S.r.l.
    Registered Office: Centro Direzionale, Isola G1 – 80143 Napoli, ITALY
    VAT ID Number: IT-07875510633
    Register of Companies: Napoli, 671599
    CEO: Diego Russo
    Tel: +39-081-7879503
    Fax: +39-081-7879505


    2.1 The Developer provides computer software, has the right to license it and hereby gives to the Distributor the non-exclusive right of use, sale, promote and advertise of all his software products submitted to Jumboload over the Internet.

    2.2 The Distributor sells, promote and advertise computer software over the Internet through the Jumboload download service including, but not limited to,,,,,,,,, third party internet shops, white-label internet shops and affiliate internet shops (hereinafter “Jumboload”).

    2.3 The subject of this Agreement are all the Developer software products submitted to Jumboload including all their newer versions as well as the brand-new software products which the Developer makes available during the duration of this Agreement (hereinafter the “Product”). The Product is sold under its name. All rights of this name (brand name) remain the property of the Developer.

    2.4 The Distributor purchases and sells the Product using its own name as seller and on its own account. Both parties act as independent companies and operate their business in their own name on their own account and at their own risk. Neither party is entitled to represent the other or to make undertakings on the other’s behalf, unless authorized to do so in writing by the counterpart.

    2.5 The Developer supplies his Products to the Distributor in multilanguage version (e.g. English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese). This applies to the user interface, the online help, the user guide, the datasheets, the screenshots and any other component of the Product. These translations are made at Developer own expense.


    3.1 The territory covered by this Agreement is the Internet, worldwide (hereinafter the “Territory”).


    4.1 The Developer licenses to the Distributor the non-exclusive right of use, sale, promote and advertise the download electronic file version of the Product over the Internet, worldwide.

    4.2 The Distributor has the right to include the Product in so-called bundles, cross selling and any other promotion on the internet.

    4.3 The Developer gives to the Distributor the right of public offering and advertising the Product in all the media (e.g. Internet, TV, radio, press, sport events and so on), and to use trademarks, logos, product and brand names as well as the right to do public demonstrations.

    4.4 The Developer shall inform the Distributor with at least 30 (thirty) days notice regarding new releases, new versions, price changes, sell-offs, deletions and provides all Product data that are necessary to keep the Distributor’s Product database up to date. The Developer shall provide such data in electronic formats.


    5.1 The Developer shall deliver to the Distributor the Product as an electronic file in binary code form only including electronic user documentation (software and electronic user documentation together are referred to as the “Product”). In addition the Developer shall deliver to the Distributor any updates, upgrades etc. of the Product which becomes available during the term of this Agreement.

    5.2 The delivery shall be effected via internet data transmission. The Developer shall make the Product available to the Distributor on an FTP server for remote data transmission so that the Distributor can transmit the Product to its own systems. The Developer shall provide the Distributor with the access data required for this purpose (i.e. username and password) after the coming into force of this Agreement.

    5.3 The Developer shall deliver a sufficient number of serial numbers (license keys) for the Products (in a "block" of serial numbers) which the Distributor can make available in each case to users upon download of the software. The Developer shall upload the serial numbers to Jumboload in order to publish his products. If the number originally delivered is not sufficient, is the responsibility of the Developer to upload more serial numbers to Jumboload in order to continue the sales of his product.

    5.4 The serial numbers delivered to the Distributor remain the property of the Developer until the Distributor have paid them.

    5.5 The Developer will provide the Distributor with all the Products (including multilanguage installation file, user manual, serial numbers, datasheets, icons and screenshots) in order to publish and sell the product trough Jumboload.

    5.6 The delivery terms are contractual time limits that are to be strictly complied with by the Developer. Updates and upgrades etc. shall be promptly delivered to the Distributor within the release date. The Developer shall notify the Distributor of any planned release of updates, upgrades etc. at the earliest possible stage, at latest 30 (thirty) days before the release date of the updates, upgrades etc.

    5.7 The Developer guarantees that the installation and use of the Product by the end user is possible without needing a further payment and/or agreement between the end user and the Developer or any other third parties.


    6.1 The Developer shall grant to the Distributor the user and exploitation right in the Product which right shall be non-exclusive, limited to the term of this Agreement, unlimited in territory and content, according to the provisions of this Agreement. The Developer shall grant licenses to the end customers who have downloaded the Product to allow them using the Product in accordance with the end user license agreement.

    6.2 The Distributor may be granted the right to: (A) test and/or use the Product for internal business purposes; (B) make the sold Product available to end users for download. The rights granted by the Distributor to end users shall not be limited to the term of this Agreement, but are granted for an indefinite term. Reverse engineering of the Product(s) is strictly prohibited under this Agreement.

    6.3 If, in connection with the delivery of the Product according to this Agreement, a graphic file or, in any other way, the name, the logo, the company sign, the trademark, the title of work or any other commercial marking is used, the Developer shall grant to the Distributor, for the duration of the use of the Product permitted according to this Agreement, the worldwide, non-exclusive right to use the graphic file or the corresponding signs, in particular in the scope of advertising and public offering the Product and Jumboload and also the right to surround the Product and the other designations with advertising or to integrate these in online or offline advertising and to market these comprehensively (notably using screen content such as screen shots, audio samples, teasers, titles, marks and names), using them for newsletters, both by e-mail and offline, either in whole or in part). This includes the right to use the Product itself for advertising purposes for the business activity, services or products of the Distributor and/or companies affiliated with the Distributor, also for the purposes of co-advertising third parties products (bundles).

    6.4 Moreover, the Developer warrants and represents that, if the Developer is not the author or ancillary copyright holder itself, the authors and ancillary copyright holders of the Product have received reasonable compensation for the services rendered by them, also regarding the uses permitted to the Distributor according to this Agreement and the possible enhanced economic result of the Product. Should an author and/or holder of ancillary copyrights approach the Distributor directly and assert a claim, the Developer shall indemnify the Distributor against such claim, offer the Distributor the necessary assistance in the legal defense against such claims (which the Distributor is entitled but not obliged to provide) and bear the required costs of the legal defense for the Distributor. Any liability restriction in this Agreement shall not apply to this Clause 6.4. Developer’s indemnification obligation according to this section shall be applicable irrespective of Developer’s default.

    6.5 The Developer further guarantees that it has duly claimed employee inventions concerning the Product and continues to do so. No intellectual property rights in the Products nor inventions will be transferred or assigned under this Agreement and will remain the property of Developer, including the copyright to the software.

    6.6 The Developer is entitled to use the company name, trademarks, logos and other commercial markings of the Distributor only after prior written consent and in individual cases. This shall apply in particular to the use in advertising, press releases and in a reference list.


    7.1 The Distributor is entitled, but not obliged, to make the Product or a link for access to it available for the users of Jumboload under the Internet address and/or under any other address(es) for sale and download and to link the same with the appropriate offers from Jumboload at its own discretion.

    7.2 The Distributor shall be free in its decision on the posting of the Product in Jumboload and, in particular, on the location, duration, advertising and any other displaying detail.


    8.1 The Developer guarantees to the Distributor that the Developer holds all rights in the Product which are required to grant the Distributor the rights given to the Distributor according to this Agreement. The rights whose availability the Developer shall ensure include in particular copyright user rights, ancillary copyrights, name, trademark, title and label rights, as well as, where applicable, the rights to use databases or essential parts of databases. In particular, the Developer shall ensure that the Developer holds the rights required for the performances according to this Agreement, in particular in the relationship to authors, practicing artists, producers of phonograms, publishing houses and collecting societies. The Developer further guarantees that the Product to be delivered and/or delivered by it neither violates rights to personality nor gives rise to objections under competition law or other legal objections.

    8.2 If any claims are asserted against the Distributor by third parties asserting alleged rights in the Product or otherwise claiming illegality of the Product, the Developer shall indemnify the Distributor with regard to such third-party claims, give the Distributor the required assistance in its legal defense (which the Distributor is entitled but not obliged to provide) and pay the required costs of the legal defense for the Distributor. No liability restriction shall apply to this Clause 8.2. Developer’s indemnification obligation according to this section shall be applicable irrespective of Developer’s default.


    9.1 The Product serial numbers are taken by the Distributor on a consignment basis (i.e. sale-or-return basis).

    9.2 The Distributor receives a 50% reduction on the end user price, at which price level the Developer shall sell to Distributor. The price covers – besides the granting of rights – any other costs for the provision of the Product pursuant to the provisions of this Agreement. The Distributor shall make the final price. All payments and prices shall be made in EURO currency.

    9.2a Distributor’s product price calculation is end user price without the Italian VAT in force at the time of the calculation, 50% off, e.g.:
    SRP / 1.21 (without VAT) * (1-50%) = Distributor’s product price

    9.2b Distributor’s product price calculation in the event of price promotions is Promotional end user price without the Italian VAT in force at the time of the calculation, 50% off, e.g.:
    Promotion SRP / 1.21 (without VAT) * (1-50%) = Distributor’s promotional product price
    The Promotional end user price shall be determined after an agreed upon percentage discount has been subtracted from the base of the regular end user price.

    9.3 The Distributor shall make available to the Developer a report of the sales revenues collected and to be paid, within thirty (30) days after the end of the preceding month.

    9.4 The Developer invoices his Product fees in EURO currency to the Distributor according to the Distributor’s monthly net sales report. The remuneration shall be payable by bank transfer within 30 (thirty) days after the receipt of the Developer’s invoice by the Distributor.

    9.5 The number of Products to be paid is based on the net sales figures.

    9.6 The Distributor may use a limited number of free copies to a reasonable extent for sales promotion and marketing purposes. No payment shall be due for free samples of the Product supplied by the Distributor to the press or to resellers. The Distributor will provide the Developer with information regarding the use of free copies. One free copy shall be issued per reseller or media organization.

    9.7 End user prices shall be understood to be inclusive of VAT at the current Italian statutory rate (e.g. 21%).

    9.8 The Distributor shall not bear any income, corporation or similar taxes of the Developer arising in connection with the performance of this Agreement. If withholding tax is incurred under any income-tax or corporation tax laws, the Distributor shall be entitled to retain from the agreed payments the tax liability provided for by statute.


    10.1 The Developer and the Distributor may agree separately to conduct joint online and offline advertising for the Products. Upon request, Distributor shall submit advertising to Developer for review and approval prior to any initial release and Developer shall provide its reply within 2 (two) weeks. In principle each party shall bear its own costs unless agreed otherwise.


    11.1 All the payments from the Distributor to the Developer (e.g. invoices) must be transferred in EURO to the Developer’s Bank Account.

    11.2 All the payments from the Developer to the Distributor (e.g. mdf, credit notes, rebates) must be transferred in EURO to the following Bank:
    Beneficiary: MAN S.r.l.
    Bank Name: CREDEM, Napoli Ag. 13
    Bank Account Number (IBAN): IT85 Z030 3203 4050 1000 0001 526
    Swift Code: BACRIT21573

    11.3 The parties could request the counterpart to make payments to different Bank Accounts. Any new bank details will be communicated only in writing.


    12.1 The Developer warrants the legality of the Product provided.

    12.2 Legality shall be subject to the laws of all jurisdictions in which use of the Product or a download of the same can normally be expected, notably subject to European laws.

    12.3 If third parties, including State institutions, assert claims and/or legal infringements based on a violation of the foregoing legal guarantees and obligations, the Developer shall inform the Distributor thereof immediately. If such claims and/or legal infringements are asserted against the Distributor, the Developer shall indemnify the Distributor from such claims, offer the Distributor the necessary assistance in the legal defense against such claims and/or infringements (which the Distributor is entitled but not obliged to provide) and indemnify the Distributor from the costs of the legal defense. Developer’s indemnification obligation according to this section shall be applicable irrespective of Developer’s default. No liability limitation can be applied to this Clause 12.3.

    12.4 Distributor shall indemnify the Developer from all claims, actions, suits, demands, damages and penalties arising from the provision of the Jumboload download service, internet service, payment solution and website by or on behalf of the Distributor, specifically related to local laws on data and privacy protection and registration as data controller/processor. Distributor warrants and shall ensure that it complies will all the data and privacy protection laws and data controller/processor registration requirements locally in each jurisdiction where it is selling Products on its websites and that the payment solution shall be Payment Card Industry certified. Developer shall be indemnified and held harmless for the above including legal costs and attorneys’ fees.


    13.1 The Developer declares and warrants that: (A) the Product is working, suitable for use and conforming to the current laws, (B) the Developer has good transferable title to the Products, (C) the Product will perform in conformity with specifications and documentation supplied by Developer, (D) the Product or its use does not infringe any patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, or any other intellectual property rights, (E) there are no suits or proceedings pending or threatened which allege any infringement of such proprietary rights and (F) the Product marketing and sales to Distributor do not in any way constitute violations of any legislation in the Territory.

    13.2 The Developer shall provide a warranty statement with the Product for end-user benefit. This warranty shall commence upon Product delivery to end-user and be valid for at least 2 (two) years unless a longer period is prescribed by law in the Territory.

    13.3 The Developer’s Remuneration to be paid by the Distributor, as stated in Paragraph 9, includes all rights needful for the sale of the Products, in particular all copyrights and rights for use of software, film, picture, audio, text, animation and interactive elements. The latter include in particular any fees payable to copyright collection agencies and publishers.

    13.4 The Developer declares and warrants that the Product and the names are free from third party rights and violate neither the copyrights nor the commercial protection rights, such as patents, patented designs, taste patterns, and/or commercial labeling rights, including but not limited to copyrights and trademark rights, and also do not contravene against any other laws and regulations in the Territory.

    13.5 The Developer will take care of any claim (and any expense coming from these claims) that the Distributor should receive from any third party about the issues mentioned in this Paragraph 13.

    13.6 The Developer shall defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Distributor from and against any claims, demands, liabilities, or expenses (including attorney's fees and costs) for any injury or damage, including, but not limited to: (A) any personal or bodily injury or property damage, arising out of or resulting in any way from any defect in Products; this duty to indemnify Distributor shall be in addition to the warranty obligations of Developer and Developer’s Product liability prescribed by applicable law, (B) any act or omission of Developer or its employees under this Agreement, that causes or results in property damage, personal injury or death, (C) arising from the infringement of any patent, copyright, trademark, trade secret or other proprietary right by reason of the manufacture, sale, marketing, or use of Product; upon threat of claim of infringement, Developer may, at its expense and option procure the right to continue using any part of Product, or modify Product to make it non-infringing, (D) any non-compliance with any manufacturer-directed EU or national legislation, (E) any breach of warranties in favor of Distributor and its customers (including but not limited to any liability Distributor may incur to its customers in virtue of Distributor being in breach of any corresponding warranties Distributor may give to its customers).

    13.7 As far as the Distributor sublicenses the Product to users of Jumboload on a perpetual basis, the legal provisions regarding the sale of goods shall apply to any defects of the Product; in this regard the parties agree to the applicability of the legal provisions on the sale of consumer goods between manufacturer and distributor because it cannot be excluded that the legal provisions regarding the sale of consumer goods apply to the Distributor reselling of the Product.

    13.8 The Distributor is entitled to delete or block any defective and in particular illegal Product. The Developer may not derive any claims for damages against the Distributor from such deletion or blockage. If the Developer delivers Product free of defects which materially corresponds to the functions of the Product forming the subject matter of this Agreement as a replacement, the Distributor shall post the replacement Product into Jumboload and remove the blockage.

    13.9 The Developer is under obligation to inform the Distributor of defects in the Product as soon as it becomes aware of any such defects.

    13.10 Any further claims are reserved.

    13.11 Clauses 13.7 to 13.9 shall apply analogously for defects in updates, upgrades and similar.

    13.12 Distributor shall indemnify the Developer from all claims, suits and demands arising from modification, alteration, misuse, joint use together with other hardware or software lacking of sufficient license protection by Distributor, or unauthorized disclosures, reproduction, marketing, sale, licensing, or distribution of the Products by Distributor.


    14.1 The Developer is responsible for maintaining a technical support service for the end users.

    14.2 In the event of errors or defects of the Products becoming apparent, which affect the technical quality or marketability of the Products, the Developer shall be obliged to rectify these at its own expense.


    15.1 For any event causing damage occurring on transmission paths of the Distributor or in any communication equipment of the Distributor, the Distributor shall be liable only to the extent to which its technology and telecommunication providers are liable to the Distributor under the provisions of the Italian Telecommunications Act and/or the Italian Telecommunications Customer Protection Ordinance, as amended from time to time.

    15.2 If any claims are asserted against the Distributor by third parties asserting defects in the Product or damage due to the Product’s setup and Product execution, the Developer shall indemnify the Distributor on first demand, give the Distributor the required assistance in its legal defense (which the Distributor is entitled but not obliged to provide) and pay the required costs of the legal defense for the Distributor. This applies notably for damage to hardware, software and data of the users of Jumboload which may have been caused by the Product. The Distributor shall provide the Developer with all reasonable assistance in such defense. Developer’s indemnification obligation according to this section shall be applicable irrespective of Developer’s default.

    15.3 However, the parties agree that no claims for damages against the respective other party can be derived from the fact that security measures of the user registration or any security measures connected therewith are circumvented and consequently the Product is used in breach of the agreement.

    15.4 In all other cases, the liability of the parties shall be determined according to the statutory regulations or where there is no statutory limitation the limit of liability for either party shall be deemed to be equal to the value of the Products sold under the Agreement.


    16.1 The parties undertake to keep secret all documents, information and data about all business and operational matters that become known to them within the framework of this Agreement, in particular: terms, conditions, sales reports, statistics, customer lists, personal data, and so on (hereinafter the “Confidential Information”). This applies irrespective of whether the matter in question is explicitly designated as confidential or not. The foregoing also applies to this Agreement. Any disclosure of the Confidential Information to third parties shall require the prior consent in writing of the other party.

    16.2 The parties will ensure that their employees, representatives or others with access to the Confidential Information are subjected to the same confidentiality undertaking as is set out in the foregoing Clause.

    16.3 The aforementioned obligations shall not apply to the extent that the party that has received the Confidential Information is able to show that such Confidential Information of the other party (A) is open to the public and available on the date of the disclosure or has subsequently been made available to the public, that is without any breaches of obligations or omissions by the receiving party or one of its representatives or employees, or (B) was in the receiving party’s possession or was known to the same before receipt of the information from the disclosing party, or (C) was legitimately disclosed to the receiving party by another person not subject to any restrictions, or (D) was independently developed by the receiving party without any access to the Confidential Information of the disclosing party, or (E) must be disclosed according to statutory law or regulations under administrative law if this requirement is made known to the disclosing party without any undue delay and the scope of such disclosure is restricted as far as possible, or the Confidential Information must be disclosed due to a court decision if the disclosing party was informed of this decision without any undue delay and if there is no possibility to appeal against such decision.

    16.4 Termination of this Agreement shall not relieve either party of its obligations under this Agreement concerning non-disclosure of confidential information.


    17.1 This Agreement shall begin from the date it is signed and will be in force until terminated by either Developer or Distributor giving thirty (30) days prior written notice to the counterpart.

    17.2 The right to termination for good cause exists if: (A) a party becomes insolvent and/or there are definite indications that the financial situation of one party has deteriorated to the point that it can no longer meet his contractual obligations, then in such a case the other party shall have the opportunity of threatening termination by setting out his misgivings in writing and setting a deadline of 30 (thirty) days for response. The first party can either refute the expressed misgivings within the set deadline in writing, or can provide security. If this does not take place, this Agreement is deemed to have been terminated with immediate effect; or (B) a party has breached a material provision of this Agreement, material provisions are notably those provisions as set forth in Paragraphs 5, 6, 8, 13 or 16; or (C) a party has otherwise breached any contractual obligation, but only after fruitless expiry of a period set for the remedy of such breach or after fruitless warning, except where such period or warning can be dispensed with, notably after taking into account the severity of the breach or other special circumstances.

    17.3 The parties may moreover terminate this Agreement for good cause if the other party sells its business operations or material parts thereof, if the other party’s shareholders configuration changes, if the corporate form of the other party changes or if a competitor of the Developer or a competitor of the Distributor becomes a company affiliated with one of the parties.

    17.4 Any termination of this Agreement must be notified to the other party in writing.

    17.5 In the event of termination of this Agreement, the parties shall reckon up their accounts with one another and fully settle the resulting due payments, if any, within 30 (thirty) days.


    18.1 Notices to either party will be only in writing sent by registered mail to the address set forth in the Paragraph 1.

    18.2 This Agreement represents the entire arrangement for the object of the agreement between the parties. No collateral agreements have been made. This Agreement, in accordance with the intentions of the parties, shall have validity also for the legal successors on both sides. Changes, additions, amendments to or a termination of this Agreement must be executed in writing. This applies also to a renunciation of the requirement for the written form. No verbal agreements have been made. The use of the General Business Conditions is expressly ruled out by both parties.

    18.3 If one of the terms of this Agreement should turn out to be wholly or partially invalid, the remaining terms shall not be affected thereby. The invalid term shall be interpreted according to its sense and replaced by a new regulation that achieves the commercial purpose of the invalid term as much as possible. The same applies in the case of gaps in the provisions.

    18.4 The exclusive law and place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from or in connection with this Agreement is the local Court of the city of Napoli, Italy.

    18.5 Neither party shall be held liable for circumstances causing breach which are beyond their reasonable control, such as force majeure events or Acts of God.

    18.6 Neither party may assign this Agreement without the prior written consent of the other affected party.

    18.7 Remedies conferred here shall not be deemed exclusive and shall be cumulative and in addition to each and every other remedy.

    IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have duly executed this Agreement.
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    (We will use this bank account to send you payments)

  3. Bank Name
  4. Bank Account Number (IBAN)
  5. Swift Code (BIC)
  6. Electronic Signature
    , am an authorized representative of the above company.
    I accept the above terms and conditions and I am authorized to sign on behalf of the above company. What I typed above shall be considered as a legally binding signature on behalf of the above company.
    Date: February 20, 2018
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